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Personal Interests: My wife, Melinda, my daughter Brianna, and my son, Dylan. Brianna was born in the year 2000, while Dylan was just born in 2002, and they are both a tremendous BLAST. My family is the focus of my life today.

Professional Interests: Self forming overlay networks and their applications; Computer Security (including anti-phishing, anti-skimming, anti-spam, and anti-worm/bot technologies); Home multi-media systems; Java (especially security); Python; Performance optimization and tools (such as profilers); Compilers; YACC development tools; C++ (and its grammar); Software development tools; Tools and techniques that allow mortals to write good code.

Other Interests: Objectivism, gymnastics, card magic, rock climbing, how NASDAQ works, "how stuff works," juggling, unicycling, volleyball.

Favorite Business Book: "Good to Great" by Jim Collins I especially liked the concept in getting people that want to work together onto the bus (in your company) before deciding where the bus (company) should go. This makes it much easier to change the direction and destination as needed!

Favorite Novel: "Atlas Shrugged," by Ayn Rand

Favorite Recent(?) Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Scientist: Richard Feynman

Favorite Places: Grand Canyon; Yosemite Village

Interesting Stuff on the Web: an EXCELLENT online book about investing; some nice investor education from Vanguard; ...and to provide protective education, I'd suggest looking at exposes of a variety of scams by James Randi.

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